Getting data from the Infochimps Geo API in R

I am very intrigued by the Infochimps Geo API, so wanted to play around with it a little bit and pull the data into R. I’ll start by getting data from the American Community Survey Topline API for a 10km area around where I live.

First some setup code here. It imports a couple libraries that we’ll need (RJSONIO and ggplot2) then sets up some variables that we’ll use later to construct the REST call into Infochimps Geo.


api.uri <- ""
acs.topline <- "social/demographics/us_census/topline/search?"
api.key <- "apikey=xxxxxxxxxx"

radius <- 10000  # in meters
lat <- 44.768202
long <- -91.491603

columns <- c("geography_name","median_household_income",
"median_housing_value", "avg_household_size") 

Note: if you want to use this code you’ll need to remove the x’s in the api.key and replace it with your Infochimps API key.

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